Prevention of postpartum uterine bleeding in multiple pregnancies

T.G. Romanenko, G.M. Zhaloba, K.I. Voronina, O.M. Sulimenko

P.L. Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, Ministry of Health of Ukraine, Kiev

The aim of the study: the study of the effectiveness of the use of tranexamic acid ("Hemoactive") for the prevention of bleeding in the III and early postpartum periods in a group of patients with multiple pregnancy. 

Materials and methods. The study of the efficacy of the drug tranexamic acid ("Hemoactive") in 127 women for prevention of bleeding in III and early postpartum periods in multiple pregnancy.

Results: The study showed that, with the use of the drug "Hemoactive", the hemostatic potential of blood in women at risk of development of obstetric bleeding increased without the risk of increased thrombosis, which reduced blood loss in III and early postpartum periods.

Blood loss in deliveries was significantly reduced (320.0 ± 20.0 in group I, compared with 480.0 ± 20.0 in group II, p <0.05) and in the early postpartum period (90.0 ± 20, 0 in group І compared with 120.0 ± 20.0 in group І, р <0,05).

Conclusions: The use of the drug "Hemoactive" as a prevention of bleeding when added to uterotonic agents in patients with multiple pregnancy, reduces the amount of blood loss in labour, and reduces the amount of blood loss in the early postpartum period.

Key words: multiple pregnancy, hemostasis, bleeding, prophylaxis, tranexamic acid.

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