Pessary Molvagin moisturizes continuously vaginal mucosa, accompanies the regeneration process, heals tissue, regenerates tissue, helps to maintain natural level ph in vagyna and reduce the risk of  emergence infections and  adverse external factors.  

1 pessary consists: 10 мг HYALURONATE SODIUM,  glycogen, lactic acid  

Auxiliary reagents: sodium lactate, semisynthetic glycerine

Оne pack consists 7 pessary

Recommended doses 1 pessary 1 time  before sleep over the course 7 day

Shelf life: 2 years


Ease dryness and discomfort (the filling of fension, itching and burning) in intimate areas caused by:

  • Luck of estrogens (the period of perimenopause);
  • Atrophy of vaginal mucosa;
  • Increased stress.


Make easier the process of regeneration on vaginal mucosa:

  • When the period of perimenopause starts; 
  • In case of atrophy of vaginal mucosa;
  • In case of dystrophy of vaginal mucosa with the use of gormonal drugs;
  • after chemotherapy and  radiotherapy;
  • after gynecological manipulations.