Paclitaxel MB

Paclitaxel MB

Formulation: Concentrate for preparing solution for 6 mg/ml  of paclitaxel, infusions, 300 mg /50 ml,  in vial pack № 4

Route of administration: Intravenous

Reagents: 1 ml contains 6 mg paclitaxel

Auxiliary reagents: polyethoxylated hydrogenated castor oil; anthanol anhydride

Manufacturer  Biolyse Pharma Corporation for "М. Biotech Limited", Canada/ United Kingdom

Shelf life: 30 month

Certificate of registry number: № UA/14873/01/01 от 18.01.2016.

Certificate validity period: 21.11.2019  

AO code: L01CD01

The Ministry of Health of Ukraine Order № 19 от 19.01.2016


  • ovarian cancer (first line chemotherapy in case of common cancer type or residual tumours (over 1 cm in size) after laparotomy, in combination with cisplatin);
  • second line chemotherapy of metastasising ovarian cancer in case standard platinum drug therapy is ineffective;
  • breast cancer (adjuvant chemotherapy of cancerous mammary gland affecting lymph nodes, after anthracyclines and cyclophosphamide treatment, first chemotherapy of locally spread or metastasising ovarian cancer, in combination with anthracyclines or in combination with transtuzumab in case of overexpression of oncoproteins HER 2 (3+) detected by immunohistochemical method, or in case of contraindications to anthracyclines therapy; metastasising breast cancer monotherapy, not with candidates for standard anthracyclines therapy, or in case of ineffectiveness of previous anthracyclines therapy);
  • spread by non small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) (combination chemotherapy with cisplatin in case using surgical treatment and/or radiation therapy is impossible);
  • Kaposi’s sarcoma in AIDS patients (second line therapy of spread Kaposis’s sarcoma in case of ineffectiveness of previous liposomal anthracyclines therapy)